Cases of interest at the Old Bailey on Thursday

Court 1 at 10.30am Sentence continues of Transport for London and Tram Operations Ltd regarding the Croydon tram crash that killed seven people and injured several others.

Court 5 at 10am trial in the case of Daniel Benitez, 31, who is accused of killing John Davies, 56, who died on 1 April 2019, allegedly from injuries he suffered on 13 May 2016. The victim was the defendant’s ex-partner’s father.

Court 6 at 10am Mention in the case of Ka-mani Brightly-Donaldson, 22, and others in relation to the murder of Kacey Boothe, who was shot dead in Walthamstow, East London. A post mortem examination gave the cause of death as gunshot wounds to the neck and chest.

Court 6 at 11am Plea and trial preparation in the case of Kevin Pearce accused of the murder of an 89 year old woman in Bexleyheath, London SE

Court 7 at 10am Sentencing of the man, who broke into Windsor Castle armed with a loaded crossbow. The hearing is expected to be streamed live on Youtube on the Sky News channel. Jaswant Chail  pleaded guilty to three charges, including an offence under the Treason Act. It is alleged he intended to harm the Queen

Court 7 at 10am trial of Agash Jeyanandam and two others accused of murder. The victim, Abdul Rahman, 59, is believed to have died after being subjected to a violent assault.

Court 8 at 10am trial of Tyreece Riggon and others, accused of the murder of Lavaun Witter,22, was stabbed to death in Croydon, south London.

Court 10 at 10.30am  Pre-trial review in the case of Hamza El-Chgar and two others charged with the murder of 21-year-old Omar Abdullah and the attempted murder of a 20-year-old man. Both victims were stabbed

Court 12 at 10am trial of Joshua Broddle and others in relation to the discovery of two explosive devices in Greys Inn, in the heart of London’s legal quarter. 

Court 14 at 10am trial of David De-Andrade Xavier, 38, who was described as “jealous and controlling” towards his partner Andreia Guilherme, 29, before he allegedly killed her on 11 December 2020

Court 15 at 10am trial of Abdul Yaro and three others accused of murder. Shea Gordon, 17, was stabbed repeatedly in the street in Mile End, east London, outside an 18th birthday party.

Court 16 at 10am trial in the case of Javid Ahmadzai, who is charged with killing Moosakhan Naseri, 20, who was knifed in the chest as he sat in an East London park in 2017. Mr Naseri had been in London for two years after fleeing Afghanistan when his family were shot dead as they slept by Taliban. His father was in the Afghan army

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