Online Crime & Punishment Seminar Details

Event Details:

Date: 8th February 2023  – Tickets on sale now.

Event Time:  6pm GMT

Location: Online

Cost: £20 per ticket  – Buy tickets at the bottom of this page or Click Here to go to Eventbrite to purchase there.

About this event

We are delighted to announce that tickets are now available for our online Crime & Punishment seminar, which will take place on the 8th February.   Three top speakers including a former Oxford don and an expert in body language, who will reveal the “tells” that are unwittingly revealed when someone is lying, using examples of high profile convicted criminals. David Tadd, the former head of Scotland Yard’s forensic unit, who led over 950 officers, bringing terrorists and criminals to justice and convicted armed robber Scott Walsh giving his take, from the other side of the law into our prisons and criminal justice system. All will give their unique insights into our criminal justice system from very different perspectives.  Click  here to purchase your tickets for this intriguing insight into our criminal justice system.

This event will give you an exclusive insight into the English legal system from three different perspectives. It will open your eyes into how the law works on a day to day basis from an insider’s point of view.

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Peter Collett

Peter Collett is a psychologist and a former Oxford don. For many years he was a member of staff at the Department of Experimental Psychology at Oxford University, where he taught and did research on a range of topics, including body language, culture, management style and television audiences. Peter has written a number of books and presented several programs on television and will be giving his unique take on the criminal justice system and how to spot when someone is lying. Peter is widely acknowledged to be a world expert on communication. The Guardian called him a “body language guru” and the Mail on Sunday described him as “a grand master of the secret code of fleeting gestures, signs and expressions that give us all away.” Reviewing one of Peter’s books, Sir Peter Ustinov wrote that he “displays razor-sharp observation … There can hardly be a more astute and mischievous handbook than Peter Collett’s.”


David Tadd

David Tadd is one of the top forensic experts in the country. He was the forensics advisor to Lord Stevens inquiry into the death of Diana Princess of Wales. He served for 40 years in the Metropolitan Police and was head of forensic investigations and operations at New Scotland Yard leading 950 officers. He helped bring terrorists and murderers to justice and his reputation led him to being used by law enforcement agencies abroad. He was also seconded to Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabularies to act as the forensic advisor for thematic inspection into homicides in Northern Ireland. His knowledge and standing in the field of forensics is second to none.


Scott Walsh

Scott Walsh is a convicted armed robber, who was jailed in the No 2 Court at the Old Bailey in 1996. His last sentence was 19 years ago. Scott transformed his life and is now a pillar of his community with a law degree and has worked as a Parish Councillor since 2008. He lectures on criminal justice, restorative approaches and his personal insights into our prison and the Justice System. He helped found and manage the charity, The Restorative Justice Foundation and has worked extensively with young offenders. Scott received a major award from the Ministry of Justice recognising his achievements in significantly reducing youth crime through Restorative Justice (RJ) methods. His experience of youth crime and our prisons from a first hand perspective is second to none.

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