Cases of interest at the Old Bailey on Tuesday

Court 1 at 11.30am New trial of Subell Ali accused of murdering 80 year old Shotera Bibi, who was stabbed to death.

Court 2 at 10.30am Mention in the case of Jabir Sitar accused of murder. Jordan Briscoe was found with stab wounds in Tottenham, North London on 5 March 2023. Paramedics treated the 25-year-old but he died in hospital later that night.

Court 4 at 10.30am Plea and trial preparation in the case of Louis De Zoysa charged with the murder of Police Sergeant Mat Ratana, who was shot dead at the Croydon Custody Centre in South London . De Zoysa suffered a gunshot wound to the throat. It has been reported that at the time of the shooting, which took place in the early hours of September 25 last year, De Zoysa was an employee of Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs.

Court 5 at 10am trial of Siyad Mohamud, 23, and Tariq Monteiro, 21, who allegedly fled the country after 16-year-old Alex Smith was fatally stabbed in 2019 in Camden. The defendants were arrested in Kenya’s capital Nairobi before being brought back to the UK to be charged.

Court 7 at 10am trial of Bulent Bakir and others accused of the murder of 30-year-old Olsi Kuka. The victim was stabbed to death in a flat in Barnet, north London.

Court 12 at 10am trial of Shadab Abdul-Karim and others accused of murder. Kacem Mokrane, 18 was stabbed in the stomach in Mount Pleasant Road, Walthamstow on Thursday, November 16 2017 and died four days later.

Court 13 at 10am trial in the case of Dwaine Harris and another accused of GBH. Reece Young, 23, was stabbed in Croydon in March 2021.

Court 14 at 10am trial in the case of Suvenca Martis and another, who are charged with murdering Richard Obi, 25, whose body was found by his sister after she received a mystery call and was directed to the scene. The victim’s mother was tied up with duct tape close to the body of her son. Obi had been stabbed nine times.

Court 16 at 10am trial of Quincy French and four others accused of murder. Emmanuel Odunlami, 32, from Romford, East London was stabbed to death while out celebrating his birthday at a restaurant in the City of London. It is alleged he was targeted because of his valuable watch. But the watch turned out to be a fake version of a 300,000 pounds timepiece. 

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