We are delighted to announce that tickets are now available for our Crime & Punishment Webinar, which will take place on the 8th February. We have Three top speakers including a former Oxford don and an expert in body language, who will reveal the “tells” that are unwittingly revealed when someone is lying, using examples of high profile convicted criminals. David Tadd, the former head of Scotland Yard’s forensic unit, who led over 950 officers, bringing terrorists and criminals to justice and convicted armed robber Scott Walsh giving his take, from the other side of the law into our prisons and criminal justice system. All will give their unique insights into our criminal justice system from very different perspectives. For more information please visit our Crime & Punishment page or Click here to purchase your tickets for this fascinating insight into our criminal justice system.


(Court is running down for Xmas)

Court 5 at 10am Mention in the case of Asim Hasan accused of the murder of a 34 year old woman, who was found stabbed to death in an east London home.

Court 7 at 10.30am Plea and trial preparation in the case of Choudry Razaq, 24,  who is allegedly claimed to have deliberately driven into four people in West London in a hit and run. Two men were critically injured and two injured following the incident in Hounslow.

Court 7 at 11am Sentence in the case of Christian Medina, who was found guilty of murder. Anthony Adekola, 22, nicknamed Lizzy, was repeatedly stabbed as he walked home from work in Colindale store, north-west London on the evening of September 5 2020. The Marks & Spencer shop assistant was targeted at random in a gang “ride out”, the court heard. Three others have already been jailed for the attack.

Court 12 at 11.15am Sentence of James Nicholson, who was found guilty of manslaughter. Nicholson was part of a group of men who mistakenly thought Imani Allaway-Muir, 22, had robbed one of their friends. The victim was shot dead in broad daylight near a children’s playground in Islington, North London.

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