Court 1 at 10am trial of Ben Oliver accused of murdering his 74 year old grandfather, who was bed bound. The victim was found lying on his bed with severe injuries to his neck, chest and eyes.

Court 4 at 10.30am Pre-trial review in the case Abel Berhany, who is charged with the murder of 56-year-old Abraham Haile on July 28. The victim was stamped on at City Slots, an amusement arcade in Camden, North London.

Court 4 at 2pm Sentence in the case of David Musins, who is accused of being a member of the banned far right group National Action

Court 5 at 10.30am Sentence in the case of Brandon McNeil,19, who has pleaded guilty to stabbing 23-year-old Shane Jerome in the heart outside Brixton tube station last year. McNeil,knifed Shane Jerome while he was taking part in a music video as a biker stuntman on July 21, 2021.

Court 6 at 10.15am Sentence in the case of Daniel Briceno Garcia who was convicted of a double murder. He stabbed to death his landlords during lockdown after becoming obsessed with Covid. Sonia Calvi, 56, and 59-year-old Edgar Daza were found with multiple stab wounds in what was described as a “bloodbath” at a flat in Stockwell, south London.

Court 6 at 12 noon Mention in the case of Shabazz Suleman 25, who is charged with allegedly being an Islamic State member. He was arrested at Heathrow airport on September 29 last year and was charged over his alleged activities in Syria dating back to 2014.

Court 6 at 2pm Pre-trial review in the case of Oliver Muldowney and others accused of the the murder of Tim Hipperson,39. who was stabbed to death in Richmond, London SW

Court 6 at 10am trial of Faye McShane accused of pushing her boyfriend out of a third story window following a drink and drugs binge. Dean Atwood suffered a fractured spine. McShane denies attempted murder.

Court 6 at 3pm Mention in the case of Louis De Zoysa charged with the murder of Police Sergeant Mat Ratana, who was shot dead at the Croydon Custody Centre in South London . De Zoysa suffered a gunshot wound to the throat. It has been reported that at the time of the shooting, which took place in the early hours of September 25 2020. De Zoysa was an employee of Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs. 

Court 7 at 10am trial in the case of Mongo Bolili and others accused of murder. Paul Dalton,41, died of a stab wound to his leg after being attacked in Wimbledon, London SW.

Court 8 at 10am trial in the case of  Leeban Farah and another accused of conspiracy to murder. Shortly after 3am on July 16 last year Billy McCullagh was found with a gunshot injury in his chest in North West London.

Court 10 at 10am trial in the case of Ryan Gordon and others accused conspiracy to murder and possessing a firearm with intent to endanger life.

Court 11 at 10.15am trial in the case of Muhsin Mohamed and another accused of murder and attempted murder following two shootings in one night. The man who died was shot in the head.

Court 12 at 9.30am Mention in the case of Gareth Jackson,50, who is accused of killing his 84 year old mother. Lesma Jackson suffered multiple injuries.

Court 12 at 10am trial of Moeez Bangash and two others accused of murder. Mohammed Usman Mirza,19, was stabbed to death in Clayhall in East London in November 2019.

Court 13 at 9.30am Mention in the case of Christopher Carey (aka) Wye accused of terrorist related offences. 

Court 13 Not sitting trial in the case of Joseph Kokkinos and others in relation to the murder of Loeike Guei,23, who was set on fire in Mitcham, South London and died.

Court 14 at 10.30am Sentence in the case of Paul Fontaine and Frankie Sinclair accused of conspiracy to shoot dead a rival. It is the first murder plot case involving the use of the encrypted messaging system EncroChat.

Court 14 at 2pm Sentence in the case of trial of Rickardo Williams, 19, and Jahni Menzie-Samuels, 19, who both denied murder, while Karlene Joseph, Menzie-Samuels’ 43-year-old mum, denied perverting the course of justice. Hussain Al-Saabri, 23, was stabbed to death by a gang armed with a Rambo knife. Two of the victims friends were seriously injured in the attack in Harrow town centre in London NW

Court 16 at 10am trial in the case of Rayhan Ali and three others accused of murder. Abiola Akerele, who was aged 28, was stabbed in the heart in Newham, East London

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