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Court 1 at 10.30am trial in the case of Armani Bridge-Stewart accused of attempted murder following a shooting in London SW.

Court 1 at 2pm Mention in the case of Leon Rashid and three other teenagers accused of attempted murder. Police were called to Henry Road, Brixton, South London at 6.15pm on February 23, where they found James Bascoe-Smith,17, suffering from stab injuries.

Court 5 at 10.30am trial in the case of Grzegorz Szal and another accused of murder. Grzegorz Pietrycki, 25, collapsed outside a house in Wood Green, north London, in the early hours of August 23 2016 after being stabbed.

Court 6 at 10.30am trial in the case of Tyreese Annan and another accused of the murder of 23 year old Jemal Ebrahim, who was stabbed to death in Haringey, North London 

Court 8 at 10am trial in the case of Nanu Miah and four others accused of murder. Property manager Eron Miah,40, was found lying in a side road in Whitechapel, East London on November 19th with gunshot wounds to the head.

Court 9 at 11.30am Case management in the case of Leeban Farah and another accused of conspiracy to murder. Shortly after 3am on July 16 last year Billy McCullagh was found with a gunshot injury in his chest in North West London.

Court 12 at 2pm Sentence in the case of Stefan Aristidou, 27, who went to Syria to join Islamic State (IS). He is accused of sharing beheading videos carried out by the terror group. Aristidou, who is of Cypriot origin, is a convert to Islam

Court 12 Not sitting trial in the case of Shariq Khan and others accused of murder. Mohammed Mirza, 19, was stabbed to death in Ilford, East London last November.

Court 13 at 10.30am trial in the case of Michael Hand accused of three counts of blackmail where he is alleged to have demanded money “with menaces” from a company between May 2018 and February 2020. The 45-year-old also denied a charge of contaminating or interfering with goods in a place where they were sold. The company involved cannot be identified for legal reasons.

Court 14 at 9.30am Preliminary hearing in the case of Christopher Gibbons and Tyrone Patten- Walsh accused of terrorist related offences

Court 14 at 2pm Plea and trial preparation in the case of Dragos-Stefan Dalmian, 27, who has been charged with conspiracy to assist unlawful immigration and encouraging or assisting the commission of an offence. The case is related to the deaths of 39 Vietnamese migrants, who died in the back of a lorry found in Essex in 2019.

Court 14 at 2.30pm Pre-trial review in the case of Alexander Rawson, 62,, who is accused of murdering a woman in her 90’s at the Catford, London SE care home they both lived in.

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