We are delighted to announce that tickets are now available for our Crime & Punishment Webinar, which will take place on July 27. Three top speakers including a senior criminal barrister, who believes too many people have been jailed for too long. A convicted armed robber, who was jailed in the famous No 2 court of the Old Bailey and a senior policeman, who now regrets investigating and arresting drug users during his career as a policeman in London and Cambridge. All will give their unique insights into our criminal justice system. For more information please visit our Crime & Punishment page or Click here to purchase your tickets for this fascinating insight into our criminal justice system.


Court 5 at 10am trial in the case of Armani Bridge-Stewart accused of attempted murder after a 24 year old man was shot in the leg

Court 8 at 10am Plea and trial preparation in the case of Cristian Bordeianu acccused of attempted murder after a 38 year old man was stabbed in Chadwell Heath in East London

Court 9 at 10am trial of Khalid Hogan and another accused of murder. Abdullahi Mahmoud, 29, was shot dead in Enfield, North London.

Court 12 at 9.30am Mention in the case of Maurice Robinson and others regarding the death of 39 Vietnamese migrants found in the back of a lorry in Essex

Court 12 at 10am trial in the case of 18 year old Muhammad Jalloh and two others, who deny murder. David Gomoh, 24. an NHS worker, was stabbed to death outside his home in Newham, east London.

Court 16 at 9am Pre trial review in the case of Laurence Hayden and others including a juror, Damien Drackley accused of attempting to pervert the course of justice.

Court 16 at 10am Case management in the case of Vytautas Garmus and another accused of stabbing to death two Lithuanian men in Ilford, Essex.

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