Court 5 at 10am trial of Petra Deliu and Lonel-Octavian Stanciu accused of murder and attempted murder . They are alleged to have set fire to the makeshift home of two Romanian men next to the North Circular Road in Ilford, East London.

Court 8 at 10am Mention in the case of Evans Innocent, who was arrested after a series of three stabbings in London, including a woman in her 40’s. He denies attempted murder and GBH

Court 8 at 10.30am trial of Samual Agyeman and others in relation to a shooting of a 26 year old man. The victim survived.

Court 9 at 9.30am Plea and trial preparation in the case of Dylan Beecroft accused of attempted murder. A woman was attacked in a public toilet in Acton, West London and suffered a fractured skull.

Court 12 at 9.30am Mention in the case of PC Wayne Couzens, a serving Metropolitan Police officer, accused of the murder and kidnap of Sarah Everard,33.

Court 13 at 10am trial of student, Andrew Dymock, 23, who is alleged to have promoted the neo-Nazi System Resistance Network (SRN) group through his Twitter account and website.

Court 14 Not sitting trial of Kiziku Tuwizana, Besnik Berisha and Bobby Rogers accused of a double murder. Two Eastern European men aged 30 and 35 years old were stabbed to death in Hertfordshire just before Xmas 2019.

Court 16 Not sitting trial of O’Neill Maxwell, who allegedly attacked Royston McLean with a machete in Catford, London SE.

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