We are delighted to announce that on the 27th May we will be again hosting our Crime & Punishment Seminar. We have three expert speakers, who will all be tackling the fascinating subject of forensics and CSI. David Tadd, the former head of New Scotland Yard’s forensics unit, who led over 950 officers. Dr Hilary Hamnett, an expert in forensic toxicology, who has presented at international conferences and is a senior lecturer. Barrister, Harry Potter, who will be using his extensive courtroom experience to demonstrate the importance of forensics in the criminal justice system. Click here to purchase your tickets for this intriguing insight into crime detection and a chance to pose your questions to expert practitioners, who are top of their field.. Click here to purchase your tickets for this fascinating insight into our criminal


Court 1 at 10am trial continues of Reanne Phillips, an alleged stalker, who is claimed to have sent thousands of instagram messages branding musician Franck Kouassi a rapist and a paedophile in an ‘attempt to destroy his music career after she had slept with him once.

Court at 9.30am trial continues of NIcholas Jones,34, accused of knifing to death his mother’s lover, 45-year-old Paul McCarroll, at the family home in Kenley, south London. 

Court 5 at 10.15am trial in the case of Edison Brahimi and another accused of murder. Grineo Daka, 27, was shot dead at the Phoenix Snooker Club in Leyton, east London, on July 7.

Court 6 at 9.30am Pre-Trial Review in the case of Elton Sefa, who was extradited from Albania on a murder charge.  He is accused of beating to death John Woodward, 47, a builder, whose body was found on a roof in Hatton Garden, central London.

Court 6 at 10.30am trial of Abdi Karama and three others in relation to a shooting of a 26 year old man. The victim survived.

Court 8 at 11.30am Sentence in the case of in the case of John Aiton, 71, who was accused of attempted murder. The pensioner allegedly attacked Rahal Syoum in north London on 29 February last year.

Court 9 at 10am trial in the case of Emeka Dawuda-Wodu and others accused of perverting the course of justice. William Algar’s dismembered body was discovered at an address in Barnes, London SW on January 3, following concerns for his welfare. The 53 year old’s arms and legs had been removed from the body and a post-mortem examination carried out at Kingston Mortuary gave the cause of death as a stab wound to the chest.

Court 12 at 10.30am trial of Clive Spencer and others accused of murder. Chad Gordon,27, was shot in the head in Haringey, North London in May.

Court 13 at 10.45am Preliminary hearing in the case of Ben Styles, 23, who is charged with offences under section 5 of the Terrorism Act 2006, commission, preparation and instigation of acts of terrorism.

Court 13 at 2pm Sentence in the case of Scotland Yard detective DC Mark Collins,57, who has pleaded guilty to a number of child sex offences, including one count of attempting to cause/incite a girl aged 13–15 to engage in sexual activity (with penetration).

Court 14 at 10am Sentence in the case of Met police officer Benjamin Hannam accused of being a member of Neo-Nazi terrorist organisation National Action and possessing an indecent and prohibited image of a child.

Court 16 at 10.30am trial of two alleged gunmen accused of stealing a luxury Range Rover in a plot to kill a rival. Leon De Silva, 21, and Rached Itani, 20, allegedly planned to murder Kemal Bassaragh on 6 November last year.

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