Court 1 at 10am New trial in the case of Sheldon Crawford-Proverbs accused of assisting an offender relating to the murder of James Amadu,26, who was stabbed to death in Enfield, North London.

Court 5 at 10am Mention in the case of Abdi Karama and others accused of murder and attempted murder after a double shooting outside Queensbury Station in central London. Leon Maxwell,38, died and a 26 year old man suffered gun shot injuries.

Court 5 at 10.30am trial of Saharded Hassan and two others accused of a double shooting near Queensbury tube station in West London. Leon Maxwell,38, was shot dead, a 26 year old man survived the attack on May 1, 2018.

Court 6 at 10am trial of Levi Paschal, who is accused of the murder of 39-year-old Lee Casey who was stabbed to death in south London. He also denies attempting to wound a second victim and conspiracy to rob.

Court 8 at 10am trial  in the case of  Fardeen Mirza and others charged  with three counts of conspiracy to commit murder after a double shooting in Ilford, Essex.

Court 10 at 12 noon Mention in the case of kickboxer Anis Fouad Hemissi and others, who allegedly gunned down record producer Flamur Beqiri. The 36-year-old victim is the brother of Real Housewives of Cheshire star Misse Beqiri. He suffered multiple gunshot wounds in the attack.

Court 12 at 10am trial of Shaian Forde, 25, and others including two schoolboys aged 14 and 16, accused of murder. Santino Angelo Dymiter,18, was stabbed to death in East London.

Court 13 at 2pm Plea and trial preparation in the case of pensioner Keith Bettison,71, who denies murdering his 48 year old wife Ildiko Bettison in Chessington, London SW

Court 14 at 10am trial of issue continues in the case of Souhaib Embarek accused of terror offences. The Spanish national is alleged to have been in posession of a stash of terrorist publications, including bomb-making instructions

Court 16 at 9.30am trial of Hafid Omar and two others accused of murder. Rail worker Asante Campbell, 24, was set upon by four hooded men on an estate in Hendon north London, and stabbed to death

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