We are delighted to be hosting our Cime & Punishment seminar online. Three top speakers including a judge and the former head of Scotland Yard’s forensics department and a police corruption campaigner. Tickets will soon be available for the seminar which will take place on the 20th October. It will be a virtual event more information to follow shortly.  Please see our Crime & Punishment page for more details


Court 2 at 10.30am New trial of Philip Tarver accused of nearly decapitating his 86 year old mother at their detached £600,000 Surrey home.

Court 5 at 9.30am trial of Obina Ezeoke accused of a double murder. He is alleged to have shot dead Annie Besala Ekofo, 53, and her nephew Bervil Kalikala-Ekofo,21 in East Finchley, London. It was a case of mistaken identity. This is the fifth time Ezeoke has faced trial for these offences due to Covid 19 and other legal problems.

Court 8 at 9.30am Mention n the case of Errol James, 51, and Romello Briggs-Leon, 25, who deny murder. Eraj Seifi, 46, was shot in the head in West London.

Court 8 at 10am trial of Jack Galvin,21, who is alleged to have lured a 13 year old girl into a London SE park for sex and persuaded her to send naked pictures of herself over SnapChat

Court 10 at 10.30am Menion the case of Damien Simmons accused of the murder of singer Eddy Grant’s niece. He allegedly left primary school assistant Denise Keane-Barnett-Simmons to burn to death at a house fire in  Stonebridge, northwest Londontion in the case of Umit Hayta charged with attempted murder and two counts of GBH after two people were stabbed in Homerton, east London.

Court 11 at 12 noon Plea to be taken in the case of Yixing Song,54, who is accused of murdering his partner Li Qing Wang, 35, in the bedroom of their Leyton, East London house. The victim was stabbed to 22 times.

Court 11 at 2pm Case management in the case of Isaac Taylar and others accused of murder. Joshua White, 29, died in hospital after being stabbed through the heart on the afternoon of April 26.

Court 14 at 10am trial in the case of Sahal Abdi accused of murder. Randhy Skuse,27, died after suffering a single stab wound.

Court 16 at 10.30am Mention in the case of Darius Kwayke accused of the murder of Temidayo Ogunneye, 15, who was stabbed to death behind a block of flats in Camberwell, London SE

Court 16 at 12 noon trial of Dean Smith accused of murdering his 13 year old daughter. Masie Newell suffered head injuries when she was a four week old baby in 2000 and died in 2014 allegedly as a result of the injuries.