Court 1 at 10am trial of Robert Parkins accused of murder. Alex Fitzpatrick, 30, from Huntingdon, Cambs. was killed on October 13 after suffering multiple stab wounds.
Court 2 at 10.30am Sentence in the case of Hashem Abdi, the brother of the Manchester  Arena bomber who in May 2017, killed 22 people and injured 260 more. Abdi is accused of multiple murder charges and terrorism offences.
Court 5 at 9.45am trial of Obina Ezeoke accused of a double murder. He is alleged to have shot dead Annie Besala Ekofo, 53, and her nephew Bervil Kalikala-Ekofo,21 in East Finchley, London. It was a case of mistaken identity. This is the fifth time Ezeoke has faced trial for these offences due to Covid 19 and other legal problems.
Court 8 at 9.30am Mention in the case of Lee Donaldson accused of murder. Christopher George, 26, was shot dead as he sat in a car in Edmonton, North London on the evening of 28 July.

Court 8 at 10am  trial of Faisal Ahmad and Hisham Mohammed accused of a terrorist knife plot after weapons and a drone were allegedly found at their Manchester home. They are alleged to have plotted to attack soldiers or police using the drone.

Court 10 at 12 noon Mention in the case of Daniel Burrell accused of murder. Barrington Davis,54, was knifed to death in Lewisham, London SE in May.

Court 12 at 10am trial of Nigel Wright accused of contaminating food as part of a blackmail campaign

Court 14 at 10am trial in the case of Sahal Abdi accused of murder. Randhy Skuse,27, died after suffering a single stab wound.

Court 16 at 10am Mention in the case of Olga Freeman, who is accused of murdering her 10 year old son.

Court 16 at 11am trial in the case of Dean Smith accused of murdering his 13 year old daughter. Masie Newell suffered head injuries when she was a four week old baby in 2000 and died in 2014 allegedly as a result of the injuries.