Court 1 at 10.30am New trial of Robert Parkins accused of murder. Alex Fitzpatrick, 30, from Huntingdon, Cambs. was killed on October 13 after suffering multiple stab wounds.
Court 2 at 10.15am  trial of Obina Ezeoke accused of a double murder. He is alleged to have shot dead Annie Besala Ekofo, 53, and her nephew Bervil Kalikala-Ekofo,21 in East Finchley, London. It was a case of mistaken identity. This is the fifth time Ezeoke has faced trial for these offences due to Covid 19 and other legal problems.

Court 8 at 10am  trial of Faisal Ahmad and Hisham Mohammed accused of a terrorist knife plot after a stash of weapons and a drone were allegedly found at their Manchester home. They are alleged to have plotted to attack soldiers or police using the drone.

Court 10 at 11.30am Case management in the case of Elijah Morgan  accused of murder. Drill rapper, Crosslam Davis,20, known as “Biss” was stabbed to death in Depford, London SE on December 6 last year.

Court 10 at 2pm Plea and trial preparation in the case of Marc Harding and others. Harding is accused of helping to dispose of a ‘brilliant’ jazz trumpeter’s body. William Algar,53, was stabbed 20 times before his arms and legs were removed.

Court 12 at 10am trial of  Yasin Amare and another accused of murder. Gleb Zhebrovsky,34, a Russian businessman, was stabbed to death Poplar, East London.

Court 14 not sitting trial of Jack Bush accused of perverting the course of justice relating to an incident where a father of two was killed when a car careered into a group of people in Leytonstone, East London

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