Court 5 at 10am Mention in the case Muhamad Tahir over the alleged sharing or possession of videos and magazines produced by the so-called Islamic State.

Court 6 at 2.45pm Mention in the case of Paul Vissers accused of murder. Tracey Kidd,57, died of head injuries after an attack in Hackney, East London.

Court 8 at 11am Application in the case of teenager David Kerrigan who is accused of attempting to murder one man and killing Joshua White, 29, who died from stab wounds after he was attacked in Hackney, east London, on April 26. Taylar Issac and Harley McGivern are also charged with White’s murder

Court 15 at 10am Sentence in the case of Haroon Akran and another accused of manslaughter. Doorman Tudor Simionov,33, was knifed in the chest while on duty at an unlicensed New Year’s Eve party held at 80 Park Lane in Mayfair.

Court 16 at 9.30am Application in the case of  Fardeen Mirza and others charged  with three counts of conspiracy to commit murder after a double shooting in Ilford, Essex.

Court 16 at 12.30pm Mention in the case of former BAE Systems defence contractor, Simon Finch  accused of leaking “highly sensitive” secrets to foreign governments

Court 16 at 12.45pm Mention in the case of pensioner Colin Naylor accused of manslaughter in connection to the death of a seven-year-old Harvey Tyrrell who was electrocuted at an Essex pub.

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