Court 2 10am Mention in the case of Agnes Taylor, who was the wife of Liberian president Charles Taylor, accused of torture during her country’s civil war.

Court 5 at 11am Sentence of Alex Gunn Alex Gunn, 31, who stabbed to death 54-year-old Ravi Katharkamar inside his shop in Pinner, Middx. He escaped with £100

Court 6 at 10.15am trial continues of a Saudi couple Amal and Mohammed Asiri accused of poisoning a young child with insulin. They deny child cruelty charges.

Court 7 at 9.30am Pre-trial review in the case of Abdul Hussain accused of three charges of possessing a “document containing information of a kind likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism.

Court 7 at 10.15am Sentence of former Lord of the Rings visual effects artist Sergey Koudryavtsev, 48, who admitted murdering his own parents in a rage after they were not kind enough to his beloved pet dog. He now faces life in prison for stabbing to death his mother Tatiana Koudriavtseva and father Vladimir Koudriavtseva at their home in West Kensington

Court 8 at 9.30am trial of Manuel Petrovic and three other youths accused of murder. Girl Scout Jodie Chesney,17, was stabbed in the back as she sat listening to music with her boyfriend and others friends in a Romford, East London park. The court heard that the attackers were drug dealers, who were out to cause harm.

Court 10 at 10.30am trial of Hisham Mohammad who denies terrorist offences relating to a planned drone attack on an army barracks in Bury near Manchester.

Court 12 at 10am trial continues of Samuel Jolumi and three other Africans, who are alleged stowaways accused of threatening to kill sailors and attempting to hijack a cargo ship.

Court 14 at 10.30am trial of Tyrell Graham and others accused of stabbing to death Kamali Gabbidon-Lynck,19, in a hair salon.

Court 15 at 9.30am Sentence of Mohammed Yamin who pleaded guilty to engaging in preparation of terrorist acts. … These included, with the intention of committing acts of terrorism, purchasing equipment and clothing

Court 15 at 10am trial continues of Yosef Ahmed and Kamal Hussain. The pair were said to have stabbed Zahir Visiter,25, four times and watched their victim die for almost a minute before hiding in a mosque where they successfully avoided police by changing into new outfits.

Court 15 at 2pm Sentence of Chibuzo Ukonu and  Rishon Florant, who were convicted of stabbing to death teenager Marcus Lipton outside a youth club in front of children in East London

Court 16 at 10.30am New trial of Roger Jenkins and two other senior Barclays Bank executives accused of fraud. They allegedly lied to secure billions of pounds from Qatari investors and averted a taxpayer-funded bailout during the global financial crisis.