I am delighted to announce that we will again be hosting our Crime & Punishment seminar on May 7 2019. We have three fantastic speaker. Criminal defence barrister Sushil Kumar, former Oxford don, psychologist Peter Collett and Ian Puddick, who found himself at the centre of a multi-million pound police operation after his wife had an affair with her well connected boss. All will be discussing their unique insights and tales from inside the criminal justice system. Buy Your Tickets Here


Court 1 at 10am trial of Kerry Donovan and Aaron Woolcock accused of murder. Leroy Junior Edwards, 66, was stabbed to death in Catford, London SE on 18 August 2018, suffering neck and chest wounds.

Court 4 at 2.15am Application in the case of Agnes Taylor, the former wife of ex-Liberian president Charles Taylor. She is accused of torture during her country’s civil war.

Court 6 at 10am trial of Stacey Docherty and Gary Hopkins accused of murder. The decomposed body of teenager Abdi Ali,18, was found in an attic in a north London flat, where it is believed it had been hidden for eight months.

Court 7 at 10am Jury may retire in the trial  of a 14 year old youth,who cannot be named because of his young age, Adesina Fashina and Christian Murphy, both 18, accused of murder. Drugs dealer Mark Fontaine, 41, was lured into an ambush and stabbed to death. The court heard he had refused to hand back a phone dropped by one of his alleged killers during a failed mugging days earlier.

Court 8 at 10.15am trial of Isaiah Popoola, Ben Drummond and others. Popoola and Drummond deny stabbing to death two young men within two hours. The murders took place during a series of five violent attacks, allegedly by the same gang that day.

Court 9 at 10am trial continues of Jack Renshaw and two others, who were members of a Neo- Nazi group called National Action. Renshaw allegedly plotted to murder Labour MP Rosie Cooper on behalf of the banned right wing group.

Court 11 at 10am trial continues of Packiam Ramanathan,73, accused of murdering her 76 year old husband, who suffered several injuries including a broken arm and fractured skul

Court 13 at 10am Jury deliberating in the trial of John Emeh accused of hacking a rival to death with a Samauri sword.

Court 14 at 10am New trial of trial of Bruno Te Pateco accused of murder. Kaan Aslan, 20, was stabbed to death in Hackney on 14 November 2017

Court 15 at 10am S

Court 16 at 10am trial of Sokol Drenova, who is known as “Scarface”. accused of murder. Bledar Mone, 24, was stabbed and beaten to death at his home on 22 June 1999 after Drenova accused him of stealing his wedding ring. It emerged during the trial that Driza had killed two men in his home country of Albania two years before Mr Mone’s death, and went on to shoot two others dead in Italy afterwards.


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