We are delighted to announce that we will again be hosting our Crime & Punishment Seminar on the 27th November  2018. We have three fantastic speakers for the evening:  Tom Lloyd, the former Chief Constable of Cambridgeshire, Criminal defence barrister Sushil Kumar and former prisoner governor Mike Conway All discussing their unique insights and tales from inside the criminal justice system.  Buy Your Tickets Here



Court 2 Not sitting trial of Aaron Sanghera accused of money laundering £750,000 from fraudsters posing as rich businessmen.

Court 2 at 2pm Sentence of computer hackers Connor Allsopp and Matthew Hanley accused of breaking into telecom company, Talk Talk servers and causing a data breech that cost the company £42 million.

Court 4 at 2pm Sentence of Brandon Akapea  Brandon Akapea, charged in relation to the murder of Mohammed Hassan,17, who was repeatedly stabbed in alleged gang war

Court 5 at 10am trial of Daniel Piller accused of blackmailing his elderly mother and stepfather out of thousands of pounds.

Court 5 at 11.30am Plea and trial preparation in the case of Paul Prause,65, accused of beating 85 year old Rose Coleman to death with a hammer in East London.

Court 6 at 10am trial of Labour MP Fiona Onasanya accused of lying to police about who was behind the wheel of a speeding vehicle.

Court 7 at 10am trial of Duke Quainoo and two others accused of murder. Russell Jones,23, was first blasted with a shotgun and then stabbed in Enfield, North London

Court 8 at 10am trial continues of Darren Turner, who is accused of shaking his 10 week old daughter Mya-May Turner to death. He denies manslaughter and child cruelty
Court 9 at 10.30am trial continues of Dr. Alan Tutin. The GP is accused of sexually abusing 25 patients, one aged nine, over two decades from 1981 to 2003
Court 10 at 9.30am Mention in the case of  Kenneth Ife, his wife and five of their sons are accused of killing their son Kennedy, a marketing consultant in a botched exorcism at the family home.
Court 10 at 10am trial of Rahim Mohammadi accused of murder. Lea Adri-Soejoko,80 was strangled with a lawnmower flex at a London allotment
Court 11 at 10am trial of Shemar Dawes and others accused of murder. Lord Promise Nkenda,17, was stabbed to death in East London.
Court 12 at 10am trial of Ionut Vasile and four others accused of beating to death Sandel Serbu, 36, who was attacked in Ilford, Essex last November.
Court 13 at 10.30am New trial of Reece Williams accused of murder. Marcel Campbell, 30, was stabbed to death in broad daylight in Islington’s main shopping street in North London at about 6.30pm
Court 14 at 10am trial continues of Enton Marku and another inmate at Wormwood Prison accused of murdering a fellow prisoner, Khader Saleh, 25.

Court 16 at 10am trial continues of Russell Bishop accused of murdering two nine year old girls, Karen Hadaway and Nicola Fellows, in Brighton over 30 years ago. The schoolgirls were strangled and sexually abused .Bishop was put on trial due to advances in DNA science.
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