Court Update UK

Court Update UK, 23rd March

Court Update UK, News from the courts.

Old Bailey (Central Criminal Court):
  1. UK solicitor cleared of forcing daughter to undergo FGM
  2. Two 14-year-old boys who stabbed an 18-year-old to death in the street following ‘simmering dispute’ are jailed for a total of 28 years
  3. London father cleared over FGM offences
Royal Courts of Justice:
  1. Guernsey could become the first place in the British Isles to legalise assisted dying
  2. Mass walkout of Spycops inquiry – RT’s Bill Dod leads debate with activist & retired top cop (VIDEO)
Manchester Crown Court:
  1. Patel among ‘prolific’ UK drug gang jailed for 11 years
  2. Workington man ‘had bomb-making instructions’, court hears
  3. ‘Breaking bad’ students who sold £1million drugs on dark web and spent it partying around the world jailed for 85 years
Ipswich Crown Court:
  1. Man who robbed victim at cash point walks free from court
  2. Court told pair drove ‘aggressively’ before being involved in crash
Warwick Crown Court:
  1. Pupil who planned mass shooting freed
  2. Three jailed for armed robbery at Warwickshire shop after being chased by customers
Mold Crown Court:
  1. Murder accused Redvers Bickley tells jury he was bullied as a child over his mother’s relationship
Newcastle Crown Court:
  1. Judge delays paedo’s sentencing so he could go on a family holiday after conviction for grooming
  2. Court Postpones Paedophile’s Sentencing So He Can Go On Holiday
Bristol Crown Court:
  1. Bristol man murdered wife in ‘frenzied’ knife attack
  2. Man sent to crown court for alleged robbery and threating with a knife in a public place
Liverpool Crown Court:
  1. Liverpool priest used video-conferencing kit to access indecent images
  2. Married dad who raped sex worker during threesome only stopped when she had fit
  3. Former Liverpool and England striker sold drugs at V Festival
Cardiff Crown Court:
  1. Judge who had a heart attack in court praises ‘extraordinary’ staff who saved his life
  2. Dad-of-two ransacked couple’s home and stole ‘irreplaceable’ jewellery


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