Court Update UK

Court Update UK, November 21

Old Bailey (Central Criminal Court):
  1. M25 Quhey Saunders murder accused had ‘reading age of 11-year-old’
  2. Two Lewisham teenagers found guilty of murdering music producer
Royal Courts of Justice:
  1. I was a victim of undercover police abuse. I fear we won’t get justice
Leeds Crown Court:
  1. Watch the shotgun blast and knife attack which led three Leeds men to be jailed for attempted murder
Stafford Crown Court:
  1. Man denies threatening alleged victim with a knife in Burton town centre
York Crown Court:
  1. Football coach jailed for abusing boys
  2. Former Scarborough teacher jailed for historic sex offences
Birmingham Crown Court:
  1. Murder trial hears mum Dionne Clark suffered 70 injuries – recap
  2. Endris Mohammed: Uber driver who murdered his two children sentenced to life in prison
Ipswich Crown Court:
  1. Jury due to retire in Colchester army cook rape trial
  2. Man jailed for trying to set fire to house
Warwick Crown Court:
  1. Former pilot ‘murdered his wife at their home’: Husband appears in court after being arrested half an hour after ‘beautiful’ victim was found with head injuries
  2. Nuneaton MFA bowling alley siege: David Clarke in court
Lewes Crown Court:
  1. Jury retire in Duncan Hearsey’s murder trial
Liverpool Crown Court:
  1. Garston rooftop stand-off: Man arrested was second victim in Vinny Waddington shooting
  2. Gambling addict who smashed up bookmakers risks being jailed for skipping community service
Manchester Crown Court:
  1. Driver ‘gambled’ on yellow traffic light and allegedly caused death of university graduate, trial told
  2. Woman killed after job interview by driver who ‘gambled on an amber light’

Newcastle Crown Court:

  1. This benefit cheat mum pocketed £78,000 of money she was not entitled to
  2. Homeless man lands in court after being spotted twice in Durham City “area police [didn’t] want vagrants during Lumiere festival


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