Court Update UK

Court Update UK, September 4

Canterbury Crown Court:
  1. A man punched his victim from behind before he ran away and hid in bushes in Ramsgate
Leeds Crown Court:
  1. Mark Minott murder trial due to start at Leeds Crown Court today
  2. Mum smuggled drugs into Leeds jail
  3. Jury to continue deliberations in Marcus Sewell hair salon assault and arson trial
Ipswich Crown Court:
  1. Pair deny causing grievous bodily harm to man in Newmarket
Manchester Crown Court:
  1. Man admits murdering Ellen Higginbottom in ‘sexually motivated and premeditated’ attack at Wigan beauty spot
Wood Green Crown Court:
  1. Laughing gas dealer jailed after police find thousands of canisters in Islington and Camden 
  2. Nile Ranger plays first game back in football after serving just TEN weeks of eight-month sentence for online banking fraud
Birmingham Crown Court:
  1. Sikh temple accused to stand trial together
Cardiff Crown Court:
  1. Ex-bodybuilder who made £20k from selling bogus gym supplements avoids jail
Lincoln Crown Court:
  1. Family pays tribute to “loving” man stabbed to death in Mablethorpe
Liverpool Crown Court:
  1. Boy run over by cocaine-fuelled milk float pervert fears he will come after him
  2. ‘It’s a life sentence’ – victims of monstrous paedophile on devastating effects of abuse
  3. ‘He was bending down and was vulnerable, not expecting it to happen’, Builder avoids jail after fracturing bone in workmate’s skull
Southwark Crown Court:
  1. Three ex-Tesco executives to stand trial
York Crown Court:
  1. Gambler stole £20k from wife’s accounts
Cambridge Crown Court:
  1. RECAP: Spa boss Kerry Brocklebank found not guilty of sexual assault
Newcastle Crown Court:
  1. Man facing jail for raping children despite never meeting them



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