Court Update UK

Court Update UK, August 24

Old Bailey (Central Criminal Court):
  1. Cyclist convicted of ‘wanton and furious driving’ over pedestrian’s death as widower calls for change in the law
  2. Ex-courier convicted for mowing down woman on his track bike
  3. Cycling Campaigner Told He “Lives On A Different Planet” In Fiery Debate
Royal Courts of Justice:
  1. ‘Climbdown’ for Britain over EU court role after Brexit
  2. UK sends deportation warnings to 100 EU citizens by mistake
Leeds Crown Court:
  1. Murderer Donald Pemberton found with ‘knife’ in prison cell
  2. Victim in attempted murder was found collapsed in burning salon by repairman
  3. Clumsy burglar tried to climb into a roof void – but it fell down and police could reach him
Glasgow Sheriff Court:
  1. Mary Barbour statue to be erected in Glasgow
  2.  Eight men due in court over probe into banners at Celtic vs Linfield Champions League game in Glasgow
  3. Manic ambulance dash for dad accused of stalking teacher after complaints of ‘chest pains’ in court
Manchester Crown Court:
  1. Two GMP officers will stand trial over Class A drug dealing charges
Newcastle Crown Court:
  1. ‘Grooming’ gang ‘raped vulnerable girls as young as 13 after luring them to parties at a network of flats and plying them with alcohol and drugs’
  2. Newcastle sexual exploitation trial: Five men face allegations of offences against girls
Wood Green Crown Court:
  1. Man convicted for £33k fraud against Red Letter Days
Liverpool Crown Court:
  1. Paint and building supplies worker stole £60,000 in takings
  2. Drunken pensioner crashed into vehicles while driving past a school at home time
  3. Shocking dashcam footage shows trail of destruction left by drunken OAP
Lincoln Crown Court:
  1. One-legged man attacks motorcyclist in Lincoln
  2. Jailed drug dealer tasered by police after resisting stop and search in Skegness
Birmingham Crown Court:
  1. Birmingham fly-tipping business owner jailed
  2. Birmingham crime gang members banned from city centre under largest injunction ever secured
Cardiff Crown Court:
  1. Machete-Wielding Man Raids Shop Dressed As Pantomime Witch
  2. Star Wars fanatic ‘left cinemagoer with black eye after being told to quieten down during trailers’
  3. Star Wars fan ‘floored cinema-goer pal with one punch after being told to keep quiet during the trailers’
Southwark Crown Court:
  1. Man detained for stabbing passenger on West Croydon-bound train after shouting ‘death to Muslims’
  2. A Famous Female Judge On Why More Women Need To Be On The Bench
Bristol Crown Court;
  1. Two Bromsgrove solicitors jailed for perverting the course of justice
  2. Driver ‘punched’ ex and ‘slammed her head against window’ after she told him he was driving too slow
Cambridge Crown Court:
  1. Pervert who molested four nurses loses prison appeal
Norwich Crown Court:
  1. Man jailed for eight months after he threw kettle of hot water at former partner
  2. Robber who threatened to shoot shop worker in Aylsham jailed for eight years
Ipswich Crown Court:
  1. Man who carried out robbery with ‘very realistic’ imitation gun in Lowestoft is jailed
  2. Man guilty of sexually assaulting two schoolgirls is jailed
  3. Prison term for man who broke into Bury St Edmunds home while owners were on holiday
York Crown Court:
  1. Fraudster may have misled judge
  2. York paedophile jailed for second time
  3. Scarborough Kebab Shop Owner Back In Court
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