Court Update UK

Court Update UK, August 18

Old Bailey (Central Criminal Court):
  1. 15-year-old in Old Bailey dock accused of killing ‘low level dealer’
  2. Cyclist Charlie Alliston, Accused Of Killing Kim Briggs, Says ‘Brakes Wouldn’t Have Made Difference’
  3. Cyclist who killed mum-of-two by crashing into her on bike with no front brake ‘copied’ stunts he watched online
Royal Courts of Justice:
  1. Disabled man takes his case to Court of Appeal
  2. Hope shines through the despair as couples vow the fight for marriage equality in Northern Ireland will go on
Lewes Crown Court:
  1. COUNTY NEWS VIDEO: Killer who attacked police officers with hammer has jail term slashed
  2. Sussex abuse teacher Christopher Jarvis gets more jail time
  3. Arson charge following fire at village home
Warwick Crown Court:
  1. Face of man who set pitbull on crack addict who had burgled his dad’s home
  2. Rugby youth branded a ‘real pain’ is handed prison sentence after taking mother’s quad bike
Lincoln Crown Court:
  1. Tributes paid to judge retiring after two decades at Lincoln Crown Court
  2. Ex Sleaford councillor jailed for indecent images
  3. Woman turns her life around while awaiting court case… then judge jails her for three years
Stafford Crown Court:
  1. Michael Warham murder trial: Teenager was stabbed in the heart on Shrewsbury street, court told.
Brighton Crown Court:
  1. Man faces trial accused of blasting a shotgun
Snaresbrook Crown Court:
  1. Homeless man jailed for carrying bleach as ‘offensive weapon’ in London
Truro Crown Court:
  1. John Darby jailed for pressing fingers into throat of disabled ex until she was going to pass out
  2. Young offender head-butted pregnant partner before punching her in stomach
Norwich Crown Court:
  1. Almost 300 suspects are on the run from Norfolk police – wanted for kidnap and attempted murder
  2. Downham Market residents come together in memory of Norfolk dog-walker
Canterbury Crown Court:
  1. Married man Darren Jones jailed for sex with underage girl
Leeds Crown Court:
  1. Irfan Wahid stabbing: Teenager guilty of manslaughter
  2. Serial burglar had a cig – then tried to break into house with a screwdriver
Ipswich Crown Court:
  1. Ipswich man accused of sex assaults on schoolgirls denies interest in under-age girls
  2. Four men sentenced after teenager was attacked in his bed in Framlingham
  3. Suffolk widow received £28,000 in benefits after failing to declare cleaning job
Southwark Crown Court:
  1. The FDIC’s Libor Rigging Case Is A Serious Problem – Here’s Why
Newcastle Crown Court:
  1. Gateshead woman punched the uncle who abused her as a child after bumping into him in Asda
  2. Victim who was abused by her own uncle finally raises courage to get him jailed after bumping into him in Asda 40 years later and punching him in the face
  3. Rapist lorry driver jailed for 21 years for abusing two young girls
Liverpool Crown Court:
  1. Thief whose ‘life was destroyed by losing winning lottery ticket’ goes on the run
  2. Jury sees footage of man with blood gushing from artery in his leg after stabbing
  3. Violent alcoholic whose dog bit pregnant girlfriend spared jail – because of unborn child
Cardiff Crown Court:
  1. Trio jailed for a total of 45 years for the sexual abuse of three children
  2. Twisted teen girl ‘in love’ with her half-brother helped him rape and molest young kids as they photographed the abuse for sick thrills
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