Court Update UK

Court Update UK, August 3

Old Bailey (Central Criminal Court):
  1. ‘Three Musketeers’ terror cell convicted of Lee Rigby-style terror plot
  2. Mother of Ricky Hayden shares heartbreaking last picture before his death in hospital
  3. London’s CWM FX scandal develops: Further Ponzi scheme suspected in Cayman Islands a year after Police raid
Leeds Crown Court:
  1. Boat owner jailed over fishermen’s death in Whitby
  2. Keighley explosives find: Man jailed for terror offences
  3. Man jailed for four years after counter terrorism police found explosives in his West Yorkshire home
Norwich Crown Court:
  1. Teens found guilty of slashed ear assault in Norwich park
  2. Jailed in Norfolk in July: Gang, serial burglar and sex offenders
Woodgreen Crown Court:
  1. Deliveroo to hire 50 ‘safety’ workers in wake of moped acid attacks across Islington, Hackney and Stratford
Cardiff Crown Court:
  1. Police appeal for information after Barry man injured in Cardiff city centre road traffic collision
  2. Fraudsters caught in Blaenavon handed extra sentence for not paying back thousands to their victims
  3. Drunk driver who hit 90mph jailed for trying to goad a police officer into a race
Liverpool Crown Court:
  1. Thug’s terrifying Grand Theft Auto-style rampage through Liverpool streets
  2. Man repeatedly stabbed his partner and mum-in-law before trying to kill himself with a chainsaw
  3. Killer John Johns left his baby at home and threw his life away to gangland violence
High Court Glasgow:
  1. Man ‘threatened with death’ hours before fatal fire
  2. Single-punch killer back in jail after holding man at knifepoint and punching woman in head
  3. Richard Cassidy jailed for David Farish murder in Tweedbank
Birmingham Crown Court:
  1. Man wielding two-foot machete in Birmingham chased down by police
  2. Jail for heartless thieves who used children to trick pensioners
Southwark Crown Court:
  1. Viscount jailed for racially abusive posts
  2. Sally Anne Bowman’s remains exhumed after her grave is repeatedly attacked
  3. Sally Anne Bowman’s remains ‘exhumed after grave desecrated’
Edinburgh Sheriff Court:
  1. Jim Clark Rally inquiry sees new evidence
  2. Scots soldier kissed and touched up schoolgirl after mistaking her for his wife, court hears
Lincoln Crown Court:
  1. Lincoln burglar who violently attacked victim in his own home jailed
  2. Spalding man admitted downloading thousands of indecent images of children
Canterbury Crown Court:
  1. Fahad Abdi in triple acid attack in Canterbury
  2. April Totterdell, from Dover, on trial for ‘helping husband Graham claim disability benefits’ while he ran marathons
Inner London Crown Court:
  1. David Trainer: Convicted paedophile admits child assaults
  2. ‘Greedy’ horsemeat fraudsters sent to prison
  3. Three men ‘blackmail girl, 14, into oral sex by threatening to leak sex tape’
Newcastle Crown Court:
  1. Vile husband repeatedly filmed himself raping his sleeping wife
  2. Dog that savaged 12 kids in Blyth was due to be destroyed for previous attack, court hears
Lewes Crown Court:
  1. Father spared jail over Northern Cyprus abduction plot






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