Court Update UK

Court Update UK, July 28

Old Bailey (Central  Criminal Court):
  1. Ciaran Maxwell, 31, second day of sentencing at the Old Bailey
  2. Drugs gang jailed for £26m conspiracy in Kent and Norfolk
  3. Boy, 15, to be sentenced for murdering teenager outside school
Royal Courts of Justice:
  1. the Latest: Judge sets deadline for moving baby to hospice
  2. ‘Disappointment’ as Basildon Council DROPS its High Court case over illegal developments at Wickford
    Lincoln Crown Court:
    1. Woman jailed for Lincoln burglary and assaulting police officer
    2. Men charged with conspiracy to commit burglary
    Newcastle Crown Court:
    1. Newcastle conwoman who tricked and threatened landlords has jail term slashed
    2. See the Gateshead pervert snared trying to meet a 14-year-old girl
    3. Michael Stead murder trial: Accused claims he was framed by co-defendants
    Southwark Crown Court:
    1. Twisted Mark Dixie jailed for raping and murdering aspiring model Sally Anne Bowman admits two further shocking sex attacks
    2. Libor traders report UK prosecution expert witness to police
    3. HSBC employee jailed after stealing £150,000 from an elderly man with dementia
Manchester Crown Court:
  1. Liverpool and Manchester United fans jailed over Old Trafford brawl
Cardiff Crown Court:
  1. Policeman denies sexually assaulting woman and raping her daughter
  2. Detective denies raping 21-year-old daughter of mother he is also accused of sexually assaulting after previously having a threesome with her and his wife as he claims ‘it’s not in my nature’
  3. Sadistic pensioner raped 12-year-old girl and aborted her baby with coat hanger when she fell pregnant
Liverpool Crown Court:
  1. Amin Mohmed, Mohammed Patel and Faruq Patel jailed at Liverpool Crown Court
  2. Gang attacked non-Muslims in Liverpool
Wood Green Crown Court:
  1. Former public schoolboy who set up a micro-brewery favoured by Hollywood stars after he was released from jail for cocaine dealing is CLEARED of a £700,000 tax con
  2. Police seize more than £8,500 after disqualified drink-driver found with duplicated licence under different name
Canterbury Crown Court:
  1. Two people charged with counts of burglary, fraud and thefts from vehicles in Dover
Sheffield Crown Court:
  1. Police helicopter officer ‘unaware’ of sex films
  2. Men accused of murdering Sheffield man Aseel Al-Essaie brought before court
  3. South Yorkshire mum who beat stepson with stick for refusing to eat breakfast avoids jail
Norwich Crown Court:
  1. Youth on trial for attack on boy in Chapelfield Gardens denies his part in the incident
Stafford Crown Court:
  1. Chilling final text from vulnerable mum who suffocated daughter, 2
  2. Oswestry woman admits attempted murder of baby
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