Court Update UK

Court Update UK, July 24

Old Bailey (Central Criminal Court):
  1. Allister: We must act before terror bail leads to tragedy
  2. Serial killer who murdered Milly Dowler claims ‘new evidence will prove he’s innocent’
  3. Hyde Park relatives in justice plea
Royal Courts of Justice:
  1. Charlie Gard parents end legal fight as time runs out for ‘beautiful’ baby
Wood Green Crown Court:
  1. Edmonton man jailed after “vicious assault” which left woman with multiple stab wounds
Warwick Crown Court:
  1. Getaway driver for armed robberies in Warwick and Long Itchington found guilty
  2. Father and son jailed for attack which left victim with permanent eye damage
  3. Father who stole a £200,000 Aston Martin DB11 to drive himself home after stumbling across an empty car factory on a night out WALKS FREE from court after telling judge ‘it was like heaven’
Winchester Crown Court:
  1. Reward of £10,000 offered for information relating to Guy Hedger shooting
  2. How young dad was murdered in drive-by shooting over stolen £5k Cartier watch
Mold Crown Court:
  1. Tracy Kearns: Man denies Kinmel Bay murder
Manchester Crown Court:
  1. ‘High profile’ drug dealer known as ‘Pacman’ is jailed after a daring undercover police operation
  2. Inside the mind of jailed fake penis attacker Gayle Newland
Edinburgh Crown Court:
  1. Serial rapist who stole war hero brother’s army record in cowardly bid for reduced sentence exposed by disgusted family
  2. Wings Over Scotland increases defamation claim against Kezia Dugdale to £25,000
High Court Glasgow:
Liverpool Crown Court:
  1. Murderer who killed man with dumbbell previously attacked woman with GRIM REAPER statue
  2. On This Day – July 24 2010: Former world snooker champion Alex Higgins died at the age of 61
Brighton Crown Court:
  1. Man accused of cutting nurse’s face with kitchen knife to appear in court
Lincoln Crown Court:
  1. Pervert uses taxi to get kid from children’s home – then rapes her
  2. Grieving sisters demand drink drive crackdown after drunk motorist killed their dad
Southwark Crown Court:
  1. Amanda Staveley: Doyenne of Mideast deal-doers sees ‘big opportunities’ in Saudi Arabia
Lewes Crown Court:
  1. Man accused of cutting nurse’s face with kitchen knife to appear in court
Glasgow Sheriff Court:
  1. Vicious millionaire thug Frankie ‘Donuts’ Donaldson appeals wife-beating sentence
Leeds Crown Court:
  1. Prisoner fled in handcuffs during Leeds hospital visit


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