What's on at the Old Bailey Today

Cases of interest at the Old Bailey on Wednesday, June 14

Court 1 at 10am Inquest “touching upon the death” of Alexander Perepilichnyy, a Russian whistleblower, who died mysteriously in 2012. It has been alleged he was poisoned.

Court 3 at 10am New trial of Joseph Tripp  accused of murder. Derek McAllister, 55, was stabbed while walking with his partner and their Staffordshire bull terrier.

Court 5 at 10am trial continues of Naweed Ali and three others accused of terrorism. The four were arrested after a car was stopped and a meat cleaver was found with the word “kafir” scratched on the blade. They are accused of preparing acts of terrorism last summer.

Court 7 at 10am trial continues of four youths, who cannot be named because of their young age, accused of stabbing to death 19 year old Hussein Ahmed. The killing was described as “unprovoked and senseless”

Court 10 at 10am trial of Awat Hamasalih accused of three terrorism offences including being in possession of articles for terrorist purposes

Court 12 at 12 noon trial continues of Courtney Ayinbode and three others who are accused of a sophisticated bank fraud in which customers were scammed out of millions of pounds

Court 13 at 10.30am Plea and trial preparation in the case of former headteacher John Coatman, who is accused of gross indecency, with  a boy in the 1970s

Court 14 at 10am Sentence of Sugan Sothilingham and three others accused of murder and attempted murder following a mass axe, sword and machete brawl in a Mitcham, South London carpark. Justin Neel Croos,26, died of head injuries.

Court 14 at 2pm Sentence of Shamin Ahmed, who is accused of preparing for acts of terrorism after travelling to Syria

Court 16 at 10am trial continues of lorry driver Darren Anderton accused of causing the death by dangerous driving of cyclist  Magda Tadaj,24. After allegedly running over the cyclist he carried on with his delivery and left her dying in the road.

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