What's on at the Old Bailey Today

Cases of interest at the Old Bailey on Friday, May 19

Court 2 at 9.30am Preliminary hearing in the case of Martin Panton, who is accused of a series of terrorist offences including making an explosive substance

Court 2 at 9.30am Preliminary hearing of  Rizlane Boular and two other women accused of the first ever all female terrorist plot.

Court 2 at 10.30am Preliminary hearing in the case of Khalil Maher, who was arrested at Heathrow allegedly on his way to fight in Syria.

Court 2 at 3.30am Preliminary hearing in the case of Ismael Watson, who was arrested at Heathrow Airport after arriving from Turkey. He is accused of plotting to commit terrorist offences.

Court 3 at 10am Sentence of Ashwin Gohill, who allegedly emailed a link to a speech by Iraqi jihadi Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi – the leader of so called Islamic State. He also shared a PDF of a banned document titled ‘The rule of consulting the Prophet’, it is claimed.

Court 5  at 10am trial continues of Naweed Ali and three others accused of terrorism. The four were arrested after a car was stopped and a meat cleaver was found with the word “kafir” scratched on the blade. They are accused of preparing acts of terrorism last summer.

Court 6 at 10am trial continues of Viktoria Tautz, a Hungarian child minder, who allegedly caused fatal head injuries to a 10 month old boy she was caring for.  It is claimed she either shook or hit the tot.

Court 7 at 9.30am Mention in the case of Harry Shilling and two others. Shilling was jailed last summer for 30 years for gun smuggling.

Court 7 at 2.15am Mention in the case of Munir Mohammedf and another accused of preparing an act of terrorism

Court 7 at 10am Sentence of Roslain Bakjr and Jeffrey Wiltshire, who were found guilty of causing or allowing the death of their 16-week-old daughter, Imani, who police said was ‘tortured’ in the days before she died.

Court 8 at 10am sentence  of Ridwaan Shaikh accused of murdering Bradley Cresswell,21, who was beaten to death in the street in Watford during a night out.

Court 9 Not sitting trial of pensioner David Harris,68, who tried to hire a hitman to kill his wealthy TV scriptwriter partner so he could inherit her estate and run off with his younger lover.

Court 9 t 10.30am Application to dismiss charges in the case of Robert Trigg accused of murdering two previous girlfriends, years apart, after they both died in their sleep.

Court 10am trial continues of Raycey McDonald accused of attempting to murder a 24 year old man he tried to rob in a car park. The victim was stabbed in Sutton, Surrey

Court 11 at 10.30am trial continues of Martin Gutaj and his upmarket property firm Martinisation (London) Ltd. following the death of two of his workers, who died when they plunged from a balcony while hoisting a sofa up to an exclusive £7 million flat in Cadogan Square, central London.

Court 12 at 10.30am trial continues of Andrw Beadie accused of attempting to murder a plain clothed police officer. The victim was repeatedly stabbed.

Court 13 Not sitting trial of Russian banker Andrey Ryjenko and his sister,Tatjana Sanderson , who allegedly received bribes totalling £2.2 million to gain funding from the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development for his Russian and UK clients

Court 14 at 10am New trial of Sugan Sothilingham and three others accused of murder and attempted murder following a mass axe, sword and machete brawl in a Mitcham, South London carpark. Justin Neel Croos,26, died of head injuries.

Court 15 Not sitting  trial  of Abukar Bana and others accused of murder. Raja Rashid Ali,33, was stabbed 13 times outside a supermarket in Dagenham, Essex.

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