Who murdered “God’s Banker” Robert Calvi – You decide



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Event Details:

Date: 28th August 2018

Start Time 6pm-8pm

Location: Leon, 12 Ludgate Circus, London EC4M 7LQ

Cost: £10 per ticket 



Robert Milne, one of the country’s top crime scene forensic investigators, asks you to join him as he probes the notorious London murder of “God’s Banker” Roberto Calvi. Who killed the multi-millionaire Italian financier? Was it the Mafia, the Vatican or MI5? Milne was witness to the original investigation at the Metropolitan Police’s forensic laboratory in 1982. Later he witnessed forensic scientist Angela Gallop working with Italian forensic investigators on the re-examination of Calvi’s clothing, shoes and other exhibits, which led to a change in the previous open verdict to one of murder.

It is a tale of three cities The Vatican in Rome , Milan, and London. You will join Milne on a tour of the crime scene to Blackfriars Bridge, where Calvi’s body was found hanging with rocks stuffed in his trousers. Robert Milne will take you through the fresh evidence that led to the homicide verdict. He will also lead you through all the theories in the murder that shocked Europe, using his forensic skills to help you navigate the extraordinary twists and turns in one of the most baffling cases ever investigated by the City of London police. It is a trail of evidence stretching from the doors of the Vatican to the top tiers of the Mafia. Once you have heard what Milne has to say you decide, who killed Calvi.