What's on at the Old Bailey Today

Cases of interest at the Old Bailey on Wednesday, June 28


Court 5 at 9.45am trial continues of Naweed Ali and three others accused of terrorism. The four were arrested after a car was stopped and a meat cleaver was found with the word “kafir” scratched on the blade. They are accused of preparing acts of terrorism last summer.

Court 7 Not sitting trial of Kayode Sanni accused of a plot to defraud the taxman out of £10 million. The identities of judges policemen and and other civil servants were used to conduct the scam, which involved tax credits.

Court 8 at 10am Jury may retire in the trial of Nelson Smith,18, accused of murdering two fellow travellers in a turf war over a caravan pitch in Ipswich. Nathan Oakley, 18, and Barry Street, 32, were stabbed to death with a carving knife.

Court 8 at 10am Application in the case of Michael Dixon and John Sayers accused of  a drive by shooting of an un-named bouncer outside a nightclub in Newcastle.

Court 10 at 10am trial of Abdullah Salaheddin and two others accused of gunning down 20 year old Jordan Bari when he answered the door at his friend’s house in East London. The victim was a talented martial artist and owed money to drug dealers.

Court 11 at 10am trial continues of Adam Mulligan and Chris Glancy accused of stabbing to death Jermaine Brown, homeless Birmingham man, who was attacked near Trafalgar Square.

Court 12 at 10am trial continues of Courtney Ayinbode and three others who are accused of a sophisticated bank fraud in which customers were scammed out of millions of pounds

Court 13 at 10.30am trial continues of Joseph Tripp accused of murder. Derek McAllister, 55, was stabbed with a carving knife while walking with his partner and their Staffordshire bull terrier. The attack allegedly followed a petty row in a betting shop

Court 16 at 10am trial continues of Tommy Roome and another accused of the murder of celebrity bodyguard Ricky Hayden,27. Hayden protected several stars including model Abbey Clancy, Kerry Katona and David Jason. Hayden was hacked to death with a machete after rushing out of his house to confront thieves.

Court 17 at 10am trial continues of Gary Brown, who killed his 17 year old backseat passenger after he crashed into a lamppost after driving at speed of up to 60mph.

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